South Florida’s largest Fresh Seafood Market!

The Coconut Grove Seafood Festival is all about celebrating seafood, waterfront living and giving people their fill of the freshest, tastiest delicacies of the sea. Bushels of shrimp, oysters, crawfish, lobster, clams and fresh fish will soon overflow in Miami, just in time for the opening of stone crab season in October.

There’s no better place to savor a multitude of seafood prepared in a variety of ways including Caribbean with its Bahamian cracked conch and Jamaican Jerk grilled fish, Latin American offering paella and Peruvian ceviche, Cajun with its gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish étouffée, North Eastern offering traditional chowders, lobster rolls and clam boils, Asian with the always satisfying sushi and sashimi and, last but not least, Florida seafood with its world-famous stone crab, lobster and fresh fish. In addition, people can head over to the “Grove Wharf by Casablanca Seafood” – a farmer’s market meets seafood – where experts will be on hand to help them select the right items to purchase and take home. 

To complete the festive equation, the Coconut Grove Seafood Festival will have a constant stream of live music including calypso, steel drum, reggae and Island Escapism. The Festival will also feature several nautically-themed exhibitors showcasing art, jewelry and decor.

Wharf by Casablanca Seafood

The word “wharf” conjures up visions of old harbors and fish markets like those in San Francisco and Boston. That’s exactly what the Wharf is. Casablanca Seafood is known as the top seafood provider in Florida and they bring this experience and expertise to the festival. “The Wharf” is a fresh seafood market right here at the festival. Think of it like a farmer’s market, but with seafood!  Seafood experts will be on hand to help you make the perfect choices to take home. These FISHMONGERS are not only fresh seafood experts, but they know a thing or two about cooking and preparing your selections.